Spotlight on Leigh Kendrick ’13

29 Dec

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Why did you choose W+L?  They sent me an application in the mail? Seemed pretty but I had never heard of it.

Coffee or Tea. Tea unless it’s coffee icecream.

What do you have way too many of? Probably clothes.

Daily Craving: Anything cheesy and/or buttery.

What is your favorite treasured possession? Chapstick. Goes with me everywhere.

Spring or Fall: Spring

Favorite city: Washington D.C.

Dream job: Singing on Broadway.

I collect… I don’t really collect anything.

I’m lusting after… A new car. Any kind that drives.

On weekends… probably in bed or raiding my housemates’ closets.

What’s on your horizon? Amsterdam in the spring :)

Favorite place in Lexington: The Red Hen.

What song defines you? What’s your theme song?  “Lullaby” by Shawn Mullins

What is the most played song in your iTunes? Be honest. “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson tied with “Benny’s Dispatch” from In the Heights

Favorite W+L Memory: Chamber Singers tour 2010.

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