CD Release!

27 Jul

JubiLee’s self-titled album is finally finished and available for purchase through the University Store! It is the first album we have put together in over 5 years and includes songs from 2010-2012. The group spent a long time working on it this Winter and would like to thank Graham Spice especially for all of his help and support. 


1. Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder
Solo: Kaelin Fraley and Kate Armstrong

2. Rumour Has It by Adele
Solo: Bella Zuroski and Claire Mahoney

3. Fever by Little Willie John
Solo: Melissa Horadam and Liz Bell

4. Say My Name by Destiny’s Child
Solo: Amber Cooper and Kate Armstrong

5. Same Old Song by The Four Tops
Solo: Amber Cooper

6. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg by The Temptations
Solo: Kaelin Fraley

7. Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane
Solo: Leigh Kendrick and Bella Zuroski

8. Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift
Solo: Kate Armstrong

9. Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble
Solo: Crawford Rhyne and Liz Bell

10. You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes
Solo: Lianna Murphy and Virginia Terry 

Spotlight on Leigh Kendrick ’13

29 Dec

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Why did you choose W+L?  They sent me an application in the mail? Seemed pretty but I had never heard of it.

Coffee or Tea. Tea unless it’s coffee icecream.

What do you have way too many of? Probably clothes.

Daily Craving: Anything cheesy and/or buttery.

What is your favorite treasured possession? Chapstick. Goes with me everywhere.

Spring or Fall: Spring

Favorite city: Washington D.C.

Dream job: Singing on Broadway.

I collect… I don’t really collect anything.

I’m lusting after… A new car. Any kind that drives.

On weekends… probably in bed or raiding my housemates’ closets.

What’s on your horizon? Amsterdam in the spring :)

Favorite place in Lexington: The Red Hen.

What song defines you? What’s your theme song?  “Lullaby” by Shawn Mullins

What is the most played song in your iTunes? Be honest. “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson tied with “Benny’s Dispatch” from In the Heights

Favorite W+L Memory: Chamber Singers tour 2010.

jubi’s crush of the month

25 Dec

We’re swooning over the Williams Octect singing “Breakeven”–enjoy! 

AND their version of Adele’s hit “Someone like You”

WE DID IT! -Parent’s Weekend 2012

30 Oct

We did it! After weeks of practice we were so excited to perform our brand new set list for family and friends last night in Lee Chapel. It was an honor to share the stage with so many of our talented classmates. We look forward to continuing to add to our repertoire and share with audiences whenever we can. YouTube videos are on the way!

In the meantime, here’s our 2011 set list:

It’s the Same Old Song–Four Tops

Sparks Fly–Taylor Swift

Somebody to Love–Jefferson Airplane

Can’t Hurry Love–The Supremes

Fever–Peggy Lee

Helplessly Hoping–Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young


New Member Spotlight on Melissa Horadam ’13

18 Oct

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Why did you choose W+L?  Dude… Why not?

Coffee or Tea. Tea

What do you have way too many of?  Pictures of cats saved to my laptop.

Daily Craving: Sunrise Sausage Sandwiches.

What is your favorite treasured possession? My blankie from when I was a baby. I still sleep with it every night.

Spring or Fall: Fall

Favorite City: Istanbul

Dream job: Rock Star… not a joke

I collect… movies

I’m lusting after… a mcflurry. Every day is a struggle

On weekends… at nicos…

What’s on your horizon? Israel in the winter!

Favorite place in Lexington: I’m gonna say the Safari Park even though it’s technically not in Lex-proper

What song defines you? What’s your theme song? Little Green Bag by George Baker.

What is the most played song in your iTunes? Be honest. Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Paws up!

Favorite W+L Memory: Big Sis Week. Period.

Homecoming 2011

2 Oct

JubiLee at the Class Agents Dinner

This Homecoming weekend JubiLee had the honor of singing at the Class Agents Dinner. We missed members Katy Zazzera and Lea Manolagas (who was taking the LSAT, congrats girl!). Now that it’s October and the fall weather has arrived we’re reminded that our Parent’s Weekend Concert is less than a month away!


New Member Spotlight on Katie Strickland ’15

27 Sep


Hometown: Atlanta, GA but I was born in Santiago, Chile

Why did you choose W+L? The awesome community on campus : )

Coffee or Tea. Tea

What do you have way too many of?  D-hall mints in my candy jar

Daily Craving: Peanut M&Ms

What is your favorite treasured possession? My tennis racket

Spring or Fall: Spring

Favorite City: Florence

Dream job: secret agent

I collect… Chinese fortune cookie fortunes

I’m lusting after… A Dove dark chocolate ice cream bar..yumm

On weekends… I love chilling with friends and sleeping in

What’s on your horizon? Hawaii for Christmas (can’t wait!)

Favorite place in Lexington: House Mountain…the view is so pretty!

What song defines you? What’s your theme song? Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

What is the most played song in your iTunes? Be honest. Jesse McCartney, Body Language

Favorite W+L Memory: Going out with my friends

new members!

23 Sep

the seven new jubi girls!

Back Row (L to R): Virginia Terry ’14, Katie Strickland ’15, Lea Manolagas ’12, Margaret Leer ’15

Front Row (L to R): Amber Cooper ’12, Leigh Kendrick ’13, Melissa Horadam ’13

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition! We are thrilled to welcome these 7 new lovely ladies to the group. What’s on tap for the next month? We’ll be performing at the Class Agents Dinner on September 30th and @ the St. Judes Up All Night event on October 4th. Right now we are busy preparing for our Lee Chapel Parent’s Weekend Concert on Saturday October 29th.


Jubi’s Crush of the Month

18 Sep

Why do we have such a crush on all of the Dartmouth Aires? Look at their energy! Boys like that are bound to blow away any audience. These charmer can even belt it while layering tons of plaid and riding pseudo-cycles. The soloist, Brendan “Pseudo” Lynch-Salamon, full of fist pumps and a voice to follow, leads the crew with a vibrance that only the background members could compete with! The medley of Queen’s Bicycle Race and Fat Bottomed Girls touches on classic songs that even my grandmother loved. Definitely stick around for the especially eccentric “instrumental” part at 2:04- a tough feat in a cappella. Ride on over to W&L, Aires! Keep it up!

check them out!

auditions on Sunday September 11th

19 Aug

JubiLee invites you to audition for W&L’s only all female a cappella group on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 11th

When: 12-4pm
Where: Lenfest Center, room TBA

There are just 3 things we will ask you to do:

1. Have a song prepared to sing for us… it can be any song, and we won’t make you sing the whole thing. Pick something that shows off your voice.

2. Next we’ll have you sing one verse of a song with one of our members to see how your voice blends.

3. Lastly we’ll do a few range/pitch exercises with the piano.

And that’s it!

Here is a link to sign up for an audition time.

Please feel free to email any questions to



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